New Chartered Accountants Celebrate Success in Belfast (24 Oct 2012)

Chartered Accountants Ireland, Ireland’s largest and most long-established professional body of accountants has admitted 102 new members in Northern Ireland.

The latest ceremony brings the number of members of Chartered Accountants Ireland to over 3,600 in Northern Ireland and to more than 21,500 on the island of Ireland.

The latest additions to the profession received their certificates last night from the Chartered Accountants Ireland President, Austin Slattery.

Speaking at the ceremony in Belfast, Mr Slattery said: “I want to congratulate our new members on their achievement, and all those who supported them through their studies and training.

“Our new members are joining a dynamic profession which is rising to the current economic challenges and helping to shape the future of local business. They are among the brightest and best and they will have vital roles to play in Northern Ireland companies throughout their careers.

“Over the last 7 years Chartered Accountants Ireland has been the fastest growing accountancy body in the UK and Ireland, with membership rising by over 47% in those years.

I know that the latest generation of Chartered Accountants will make a valuable contribution to their community using the skills and experience over the lifetime of their career. It’s on that sort of commitment that the strength of the Chartered Accountancy brand is built.”